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Our advantage

Our experienced team of graduate engineers have an expert knowledge of customer projects.

We deliver turnkey solutions optimised to provide high efficiency and reliability together with powerful management information tools.

Our background

Industrial IT, Instrumentation, Control systems


ultimetrics: our new generation of products

  • ultimetric sample: smart core technology for multi-point gas sample systems
  • ultimetric response: centralised control and dispatch for power on demand
  • ultimetric edge: industrial grade data logging
  • ultimetric cloud: integrated platform and dashboard for multi-site applications

Read more on our dedicated ultimetrics site


Our expert integration team configure turnkey solutions based on our proven TelGas technology. Applications cover a wide range of environmental, CDM and energy projects.

  • Excel ready server based calculation and reports
  • Multi-level access for management and engineering personnel
  • International coverage operating across 3 continents
  • Dedicated service and support team

Read more on our dedicated TelGas site